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Eazel go bye bye=out of business = shutdown = gone!!!
Got this e-mail from the Nuatilus-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (see below). I
checked out the articles and there seems to be some credibility to the
notion the Eazel is defunct. Also, logging into to the Eazel servers
doesnt happen. And you just got the damn thing dl'ed and running. Now I
have to figure out how to kill the Nautilus desktop and revert back to the
standard Gnome 1.4 environ. Any Suggestions on this?


Just read this on /.:

An AC writes: " claims that Eazel (of Nautilus fame)
closed down today. A column lends some credibility to this
report." It isn't clear whether Eazel went down today, or will
close next week, but
the end seems certain.

So, what's the state of Eazel? Have you closed yet, will it happen
week or never?"

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