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RE: [SLE] Free Beer vs. Free Speech [was] 7.1 ISO
  • From: "NOC" <noc@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 22:51:42 -0500
  • Message-id: <IGEDLHCKNAMPJJFJHLPFIEJJCAAA.noc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Still looking for the word "big" in any of my emails....


BTW... addressing someone as "dude, you are hokey" will get you a position
as a consultant, come on in for an interview.

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Subject: Re: [SLE] Free Beer vs. Free Speech [was] 7.1 ISO


dude, you are hokey.... (I intentionally kept it two 2 syllables for you)
Ill even give you a definition

If you're the BIG consultant going after the BIG contracts.... I would think
could do it in a much more professional manner.


1) YOU buy the cds for your client or
2) YOU burn the cds for your client or
3) YOU bring in a FRIKIN machine that’s set up for THE CLIENTS NEEDS!!!

You have heard of "the cost of doing business" haven’t you???

YOU.... are the frikin consultant what the hell do you think that means? It
means your client doesn’t have a clue and is trusting someone
(you) to implement a SOLUTION!
Consultants (professionals) don’t haggle over such a trivial cost as a Linux
If you had credibility with your client (and could demonstrate
it) they would pay the market cost + for your services. As long as your
around with downloading evaluation versions ... your
Credibility with any professionals, I assure you, will remain *hokey*

Consultants provide a level of confidence and *previous* experience, they
flounder around with evaluation versions

Good luck in your new career

NOC wrote:

> Yes I have the 7.0 CD's.... Do you know how tax laws work? I am
> incorporated (I know its a big word with multiple syllables, but its not
> that hard). I have to keep my personal assets separate from my business.
> can't even have game CD's in my home office and still claim the room on my
> taxes. Maybe you should have been a business major....

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