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Re: [SLE] Konqueror: can't log into PayPal
On Friday 11 May 2001 11:01 am, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Matthew Stringer (qube@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [010511 01:11]:
> ->Konqui wont log into my Tarrantella web top (, has
> ->similar problems as described with logging into PayPal
> I had no issues logging into Paypal with Konq.. the problem in 99% of
> most cases is that the servers to a browser query and ask what browser
> your using. If it's not IE or Netscape 4.X.X then it's coded to
> automatically reject everything else no matter if it supports things
> such as ssl or not. It's a server side problem..not a browser. Some
> people have had luck changing the user agent in the control panel to
> match IE or Netscape for the site they are trying to access. Give this a
> shot.

btw, what is the exact MSIE user agent string that should be entered?


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