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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea
  • From: "Purple Shirt" <purpleshirt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 07:05:10
  • Message-id: <F84TbdkSmLAztxc1o8y00000bf6@xxxxxxxxxxx>
With all respect to your efforts. I don't like it much.

It makes one think people use Linux because Microsoft is no good. In fact I might have had this reason to switch to Linux more than 2 years ago but I changed my mind. I use Linux today because I enjoy the GPL. The GPL is good for the people. I think centering around how Microsoft again is bad doesn't cut Linux any slack.

This is what is wrong with Linux lately. We are getting off track with what Linux what meant for. You see guys like Love talk about how the GPL is not as good for business.,11011,2717264,00.html

Well damn me. The GPL was not written for SuSE or Caldera to make lots of dough. The GPL was written for the people to become free from corporate power. I don't mind if SuSE makes a profit. But I don't want to replace one corp with another. I favor the non-profit GPL software way.

Besides its a commercial in the truest sense. It expresses something which isn't there. Linux has its flaws. A commercial with a white vest is an overstatement. That is why I don't try talking people into Linux anymore. People have to make the decision on their own. They have to make an effort to understand the psychology behind free software and why it is good for them. Hmmmm, vmware 2.0.4, pdflib, more problems And I still use it because it is mostly GPL software which I enjoy using. Actually I got no clue why I tried installing vmware on this machine because it doesn't even have Windows on it. Maybe I just wanted to see if vmware would start after installing. It failed. Once again closed source software failing on me. God knows whose to blame.

Overall I don't use Linux because Windows doesn't do me any good. I use Linux because of the freedom it gives me through its non-restrictive license. I know fewer people will jump ship for that reason but it doesn't matter to the ones who are already sailing on this boat.

Basically I am waking up to the idea that SuSE is already doing what Love talked about. Licensing corporate property in a different fashion than the GPL. I am coming to think YaST being closed source is not the way I want it to be. Now people have their own opinions if yast should or should not be GPL'd. It might mean that SuSE cannot sustain a death. Who knows. Fact is I prefer the GPL because we have seen what good it does for the people.

You know I love Linux. I got my mother in Germany. She is 51 years old. She only owns a 486 with 8 meg of ram from like 1991. I remember this machine well. It was my first computer when I was a kid. We paid like 5000 DM back then for this thing. I always hated my dad for not consulting me first because I thought we could get it cheaper. She called me the other day and said she hadn't even turned this thing on since Y2K. I was half laughing and said she should try because I'd love to see if it still functions (DOS with fully featured editor and Norton Commander. Hmmmmmm =) But ok so she says that she wants to get a computer next year so she can communicate with me over the net easier. She waited so long because its so expensive in Germany and there is no good net access (broadband). Now she will ask me for advice on what to buy. I probably suggest she get a machine from but what OS should I suggest. She hasn't used a PC since the DOS (with GUI) days basically. I can't go over there and install Linux for her and much less spend a month or so holding her hand and teaching her how to work that console =) I don't know if I should tell her to get that PC bare and be a rebel and go out and buy SuSE and some German Linux books and install it herself. Or should I revert to the fact that yes Windows may be a better solution in some instances. This is a tough decision for me because on the one hand I got GPL software I love and want to promote but on the other hand I got my mother who I don't want to disappoint either. It's something that bogs my mind.

This is another reason why I wish every Linux software company was bought out by some hardware vendor. It would take care of starter troubles and support by itself. If you buy IBM you get IBM Linux preinstalled. If you buy VA Linux you get VA Linux preinstalled. If you buy HP you get HP Linux preinstalled. If you buy Dell........well then you still get Windows preinstalled. But if this was the case at least I had more trust that Linux would work for a person like my mother right out of the box.

I think this could truly kill Linux. We are in this stage where Linux is slouching at the bottom of the pit. It used to be hacker land. Nobody paid attention. It would improve and nobody paid attention. Today it improves but journalists rip it left and right. It has a tough time holding its water. Every shit Linus takes ends up on the front pages. Every time KDE releases a version we got a war at hand. Every time Gnome releases a version we got a war at hand. What to hell ever happened to freedom and peace? I don't think Linux will ever make it this way. I am waiting and waiting and waiting for some company to make a true commitment. A company like IBM. Buy a Linux company and preinstall Linux. I know they spend a billion on development but a lot of shit gets developed these days but never makes it into production. Every one of these hardware vendors is in wait and see mode even IBM. To get to the general public you have to preinstall. It's never going to happen the way we are doing it now. It is much rather that it hurts the ones who are already using Linux because they have to read about it every day in the news how "Linux is great but its still not there." Not there? It's there for me since 2 years.

God I babble...


From: Steven Hatfield <ashari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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To: "SuSE Mailing List" <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 18:18:20 -0400

Hey all,
I was just dorking around this afternoon, talking with a friend and we came
up with a possible Linux Commercial idea together. Take a look at:

Not that we're in advertising or anything, but it still sounds pretty good to
us :)

What do you think?

Take care,

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