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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea
Another version. Have a small business or midsize company at a meeting
discussing their frustrations with repeated hacks and employees always
crashing the servers and lost productivity because they opened an virus.
Then they comment about the new licensing agreement and how every couple of
years or so they have to fork over more money to renew their license
contracts and being constantly hustled to upgrade to a new OS that they
aren't sure will be any more secure than their present system.

The president/CEO then asks: "So does anyone have any Ideas about a viable
alternative?" The camera pans around the room to a typical IT
manager/network admin wearing a shirt (this guy/gal should look a bit like a
computer geek) with a SuSE chameleon logo on the shirt. This person has an
obvious grin (the kind that portrays patients and a "now I've got their
attention" mind set) and says "I think I know how we can solve this problem
and cut the cost at the same time!"

Then a cut scene to a penguin sitting on a server, a chameleon jumps onto its
lap. Then a narrator describes the virtues of the SuSE Linux distribution
for business and enterprises. And in the background show a dumpster over
flowing with various software boxes with a four colored flag logo.
Then cut back to the IT manager/network admin reading a report with a graph
boldly labeled "Cost vs Productivity", showing a sharply upward increase and
circled in bright red ink are the words - "GOOD JOB" - signed by the

Just a thought, Curtis Rey

On Wednesday 09 May 2001 17:18, Steven Hatfield wrote:
> Hey all,
> I was just dorking around this afternoon, talking with a friend and we came
> up with a possible Linux Commercial idea together. Take a look at:
> Not that we're in advertising or anything, but it still sounds pretty good
> to us :)
> What do you think?
> Take care,
> -Steven

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