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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 Released
On Tuesday 08 May 2001 03:59 pm, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> > 1) The pointer of the mouse should shnge to hourglass or any other icon
> > that tells you that is "doing something" (the standard is that the mouse
> > pointer changes and the browser logo animation starts)
> It has a spinning gear logo.
> > 2)on the status bar of the browser it should tell yuo some protocol
> > information, "contacting web site", the resolved IP address, "getting
> > items", "downloading page at 4KB/ps", etc.
> It does all of these things (Contacting such and such, Downloading at
> 4KB/ps, Loading Complete, et. al.).

Actually, this isn't quite true. I've been having discussions with David
Faure about Konqueror's lack of status information. Basically, Konqueror
embeds KHTML, and gets its info from there. KHTML stops sending info once the
page has loaded, so any images that are still being loaded after the HTML
page is done loading load without status info. Hopefully he can get that

> > The most important is the second one, because the first one just only
> > tells you that is ding something, but lets say that you DNS is down, you
> > only will find out that just getting the info of the status bar, because
> > you will see the domain is not resolved to its IP address.
> It may say something about DNS, I really can't tell, my connection is to
> fast (I'm really sad about that one ;-)).
> > I think those are very important features for a web browser, and Mozilla
> > and Opera supports them
> So does Konqi (using 2.1.1 with KDELIBS 2.1.2 right now).
> -Tim


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