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Hi all

I was wondering
I want to install the newest kernel on my suse box 7.1 wich by the way I
think is great( after I figured out /etc/rc.conf)
But the suse way still confuses me slightly.
What exactly would I need to upgrade my kernel?
I am used to compiling from source, and would like to compile again if
possible, as I am planning to switch some major servers over to suse.

I am espetially conserned about the packages , like kernel headers and kernel
utils and hdparm for my ide drives wich I use quite often.

I am running the stock 2.4.0 kernel currently.
Can someone also explain where I tell my system wich modules to use in
modules.conf ? the suse version looks strange to me and I don't understand it.

I am learing suse more each day and think I am a convert. ;-)
I like it more and more.

also there seems to be a problem with my live update in yast2 it doesn't want
to finish and gives me an error message.BTW does anyone know of a mirror in

Tnx all


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