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Re: [SLE] Reiser FS on RAID0 ?
Thank you for your reply.

In my case I'm not using their driver, I just compiled RAID support into the
SuSE kernel. I didn't switch my Promise onboard controller on HW RAID0 mode.
It's on ATA100 mode.
Linux sees it as an ATA100 UDMA5 controller.
Surprisingly when I putted EXT2 on RAID0 /dev/md0 it didn't crash yet.
I already rebooted Linux box eight times and did extensive data writing and
reading. So far it's working.

On Sunday 06 May 2001 01:26 pm, Rafael Herrera wrote:
> The problem is not with eriserfs. The fasttrack implements SOFTWARE raid
> through their binary only driver. The driver is alpha quality and you
> may have problems not just with reiserfs.
> The manufacturer distributes a binary only driver, however it is
> intended for redhat. They do not distribute source code, so you have to
> wait for them to fix their driver. You should look into the
> manufaturer's web site for hints.
> The bottom line is that the card is not supported well in linux, it's
> cheap hardware and not real RAID. You are better off using a scsi
> solution.

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