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Re: [SLE] experience with SuSE' eMail-Server II ?
I don't know about SuSE e-mail server I'm afraid but you could look into
Lotus Domino/Notes as an alternative to Exchange. Notes isn't too bad a
client IMHO (its a shame there's no Linux client yet but I live in hope),
and Domino stores everybody's mail file as a separate file. I'm using it
now. It's a bugger to set up though. Also, Domino 5 provides IMAP, POP and
web mail access which does allow clients to use Linux to read/send mail. I
often use a browser to remotely access my Domino mail.

I have never managed to find a good solution for using Linux and Windows
clients with a Linux based server other than Domino. All the Windows
e-mail clients (such as Calypso and Eudora) store the mail locally and in
proprietary formats and it's difficult to allow any kind of roaming
solution. Using sendmail and pop3 can be done setting up the clients to
leave all the mail on the server but this is slow when the mail files get
past a certain size. UW IMAP isn't very flexible as no nesting of folders
is allowed and I couldn't get QMail and Cyrus installed and working and
there was no groupware document database facility anyway, so I ended up
with Notes/Domino. At least this allows some sort of roaming and if you
set it up correctly (did I mention that this was a bugger?), you don't
even need to install the Notes client on each machine, just install it to
a network share and a shortcut is all the users need to put on their

I'd love to see a cross platform, freeware solution to email/groupware. I
did have a look at PHPGroupware but this was very buggy and I didn't feel
confident with it. I hope you manage to find a reasonable solution.



Florian Vigyikan <florian.vigyikan@xxxxxxxxx>
06/05/2001 13:15

To: suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx
Subject: [SLE] experience with SuSE' eMail-Server II ?

hi folks,

my company has bill's exchange 5.5 in use and i want to get rid of it due
some problems which occure again and again. in addition i've got sleepless
night because of exchange's way of storing all the data (emails, contacts,
calendars,...) of every user in only one file. if this big file (at the
moment 2,5 GB at 15 users) gets corrupt, the whole exchange-environment is
dead. this would mean no email for anybody. in my oppinion not a really
clever way of storing data...

has anyone experience and/or more detailed infos/specs about SuSE'
eMail-Server II? unfortunately SuSE's webpage can't me help good enough...
very interesting would be to know how far the import of exchange-data to
eMail-Server II goes, if available/possible...

thanks in advance!


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