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Reiser FS on RAID0 ?
Hello SuSE folkz,

I created software RAID0 with two 20GB WD HD's on Promise FastTrack100
PDC20265 onboard controller. I formated RAID0 /dev/md0 as a ReiserFS
partition. However, I'm constantly loosing files on that RAID0 array.
I'm getting messages that some files exist but can't be stated and some
system services and daemons quit working in a random order.

These messages I'm getting in /var/log/warn

May 6 11:14:16 suse kernel: vs-13042: reiserfs_read_inode2: [122807 122810
0x0 SD] not found
May 6 11:14:16 suse kernel: vs-13048: reiserfs_iget: bad_inode. Stat data of
(122807 122810) not found

Does somebody know if ReiserFS is capable working on RAID0 partitions at all?
If I format RAID0 partition as EXT2 FS will it work better or not?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or information.

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