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vmware 2.0.4
  • From: "Purple Shirt" <purpleshirt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 21:38:32
  • Message-id: <F54PGxgelXDeqoMIOGC0000aa71@xxxxxxxxxxx>
So vmware came out with new version supposedly suitable for 2.4 kernel. I gave up last time and wanted to give it another shot.

Well it gets further this time but still doesn't install on 7.1:

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]

The directory of kernel headers (version 2.4.2) does not match your running
kernel (version 2.4.2-4GB). Consequently, even if the compilation of the module
was successful, the module would not load into the running kernel.

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]

This is the biggest problem with SuSE. They lack standards for what they do.

If you go to the ftp site you have the kernel reside in directory "images" but if you go to the update directory the kernel suddenly resides in a directory called "kernel". Why would you not call it the same. Then the kernel in the 7.1 tree is newer than the kernel in the update directory tree. I have mentioned this like a hundred times that SuSE should fix how they do package updates but they ignore their users on this. (Why to hell is licq in n* directory, Gaim is in gnm* and kicq is in k2de*. What is SuSE trying to do??? Spread out all IM clients across all directories? Where you gonna put jabber? j*??? I realize that gaim is gnome utility and kicq a kde utility and licq is not tied to a wm but jesus you have licq compiled in with kde support so what prompted you to not put it into k2de*? I know it is compiled with kde support because it crashes all the time due to kde error. At least you could create a directory im* which contains links to all instant messenger related packages. But I guess we will wait years for a sane solution like that. The single biggest problem with SuSE is standards and wasting hours and hours on finding packages.)

Ok so you may have found the kernel. I don't even bother compiling my kernel because it just is too confusing and my hardware is old. But for vmware you need the source. Why would SuSE not put the source (lx_suse) packages into the same directory as the binaries? No the sources are in d2 which makes maybe sense to a SuSE employee but not to a user which has to spend ten minutes scouring directories because they in the first place don't know that the package is called lx_suse. Would SuSE please move the lx_suse packages into the kernel/images directory where any sane person would put them???

Ok so you finally installed lx_suse24 from the 7.1 tree. Remember the kernel packages in the update tree are older. Now you figure vmware is ready to get done installing. But no SuSE calls its kernel 2.4.2-4Gb (ver 11) but it's kernel from source is 2.4.2 (SuSE-6)and vmware chokes.

Man I am so sick of this non-standard bullshit. You spend like an hour scouring and trying to match up programs and end up with nothing. I know only partial blame lies with SuSE because they should name their kernel something normal and the other part is on VMware which should open source their stupid plexer and the other part is that I shouldn't get so hyped about something minor but it's frustrating. Yesterday it was java servlets and pdflib and today its the kernel compatibilities.

God I need a break,


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