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Re: [SLE] Wish list for SuSE 7.2 (what I see in Mandrake 8.0)
Thanks Lenz, going to give it a try later.
You're do me a great favour, (customer service : ) I don't see why one
should feels offended?

Have a nice weekend.

> > I dunno what TT fonts they are using (unable to name it, my ignorance
> > : ), but personally, I like the 'Tahoma' font in Losedows. Can you
> > make this magic in 7.2?
> Well, there is some semi-automatic magic. It's called "fetchmsttfonts" and
> you can run it as root to grab some free TT font from the M$ web site.
> Since the download paths have slightly changed since the release of 7.1, I
> have attached the current version of this script. It's only 3.8K - I hope
> noone feels offended.

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