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Re: [SLE] Fwd: Re: [SLE] [OT] Legal Issues Type Question
Hey Stuart.

As you are relating to my post, I'd still like to say something more. I
totaly agree on what you are saying. Neither do I like paying big money for
any OS, except I paid those 70$ or so bucks to buy SL and am a happy and
proud owner of it :], so I'm transferring most of my computer activities from
Wins to Linux :-))).

Until recently my only choice were Windows 98/2000. It still has many pros
against any Linux dist, but so does Linux. But one of the major problems
[besides some unsupported hardware] Linux is, has and will be experiencing
are his "fanatic" users. It's great to see the way they cooperate; they share
their knowledge everywhere they can and all the newbies [insluding me] and
not-newbies anymore really appretiate that help. It's also true they have
more computer knowledge in general than Windows users... and I could and
should note billions of other pros.

Ok, to get to cons. There are too many Linux users saying Linux is the only
good OS ever existed, you can do anything with it blah blah blah yadda yadda
da... Well that's where I must disagree. For a total newbie, it's still
easier and more friendly to use Windows OS. Instalation is easier, using it
is easier, playing games is "easier" [read: you cannot play all games under
Linux a decent way]. I think Linux community should accept that Linux is not
[yet] an dream-OS, but "Yet another OS" with it's pros and cons, and there is
nothing wrong with that! Well, have I ever tried to explain that to any
fanatic Linux user I have meet in my life [all of them were fanatics... Guys,
WT* are you doing to today's children? :-)] I was interrupted and spited on.
Hmm, I understand they love "their" OS, but you must always be open to any
criticism. Saying Something is cool without allowing anyone to say anything
against it is a type of one-sided sword.

Kind Regards, Ziga Dolhar

p.s.: shall I have offended anyone I make my best apologizes I can. In those
two weeks I have Linux installed I've had much great time playing with it,
but the above is still what I think. Anyway, Linux community, SuSE and all
other Linux "resellers", Farewell!

On Friday 04 May 2001 15:15, Stuart Powell wrote:
> I think you'll find that Simply are not alone. This is a common OEM deal,
> and it is only recently (last 12months-ish) that the big boys such as Dell
> and Compaq have managed to break away from this restrictive policy. Can
> your friend at Simply find out what the Draconian penalty would be if
> Simply sold a machine without an MS OS ?
> Bye for now,
> Stuart.

I cutted it a little, hope you don't mind.

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