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Re: [SLE] Wish list for SuSE 7.2 (what I see in Mandrake 8.0)
Hi Lenz,

> > The ML8 just ask me what monitor and resolution, it did the rest for me
> > including anti-aliasing ? (I think so)
> I wonder, what TT fonts they are using (I haven't checked ML personally
> lately). This is our main problem - you simply can not get good-looking,
> free TrueType fonts that include a complete charset.

I dunno what TT fonts they are using (unable to name it, my ignorance : ),
but personally, I like the 'Tahoma' font in Losedows. Can you make this
magic in 7.2?

> > Though this is not very important, but 7.1 can only detect the 815
> > as 810 and only allow 800x600/16 bits.
> > ML8 got it done at 1024x768/16bits @ 70Hz.
> Well, no wonder - their XFree86 in 8.0 is newer than the one is SL 7.1.
> 7.2 will detect it, too.

Wonderful! now, how long more I need to wait for 7.2? : )

Have a nice weekend.


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