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network conf
  • From: stephane parenton <sparenton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 10:00:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <3AF2618B.9D538656@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm using SuSE 7.0 on a p166 box with 2 nics.... eth0 is connected to a router and is the external nic. tr0 is the internal nic but we have an AS/400 that has to be seen from the outside. So this nic has 2 adresses : tr0 is 192.168.0.x and tr0:0 is

Is it normal, when using yast, to have the same gateway adress for both nics ?.... I mean as far as I understand the thing (but I'm quite a newbie...), eth0 should have the router adress as gateway, and the internal nic should have the external as gateway
?.... Please tell me if I'm wrong, and if I'm not, then why yast doesn't allow me to have these individual gateways for the nics and what can I do to change this ...


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