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regarding a laptop removable floppy and /floppy
Prelim statements:

-I have a recently aquired Dell I8000 as some may know.

-It has a removable floppy that fits in a bay in front.

-I usually have my second Battery in this bay (it gives me between 5 and 6
active working hours that way) but from time to time I need to install the
floppy hardware module for copying.

-I'm using SuSE 7.1 with 2.4.0-4GB and X4

-If I plug the floppy module in and log in as either the root or a user, I
need to manually mount the floppy to read/write to a disc if in a shell (not
kde2 desktop, that's ok).


How do I alter /etc/fstab, or preferably anywhere else as I don't really
like playing with that file for this type of purpose, so that on login it
checks if the floppy hardware module is there and mounts /floppy
automatically if so?

thanks in advance

fixing this will leave me with 1 major (on hold, I hate winmodems!),3 minor
(in hand) and 8 nusance (get around when...) problems left.


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