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Kernel martian source
Hi all,

Tried to send this message earlier but didn't go through.
Moved quite far and after installing SuSE here behind a M$ ISP I get the
following messages all the time.

May  1 16:17:36 sts kernel: Packet log: input DENY eth0 PROTO=17 L=78 S=0x00 I=16855 F=0x0000 T=128 (#3)
May  1 16:18:18 sts kernel: martian source 0d00a8c0 for 6500a8c0, dev eth0
May  1 16:18:18 sts kernel: ll header: ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 e0 13 00 00 40 08
May  1 16:18:51 sts kernel: martian source 0a00a8c0 for 6500a8c0, dev eth0
May  1 16:18:51 sts kernel: ll header: ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 e0 13 00 00 37 08

Eth0 is the nic pointing to the internet ISP-M$. Port 137 seems to be related
to netbios, thats OK because I don't want it, so firewall denies it.

My questions are, why and what's the martian source ? How can I avoid it or
is this related to M$-netbios or to the ISP M$-NT-netbios network.

If so, any clue on charging M$ for using my diskspace, say one cent a log
message line, due to sending incomprehensive, bugfull, martian code.


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