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Just For Fun
Hey there fellow SuSErs!

I know we are all busy talking about hacks and xfs and why this or that peice
of hardware doesn't work, so I thought I would throw something kinda fun into
the mix.

Check out the KDE2 screenshot at:

There are a few things to notice, that might not be apparent right away.
1) The kpager on the bottom right has no window decorations and seems
integrated with the desktop.
2) There is a "/var/log/messages" tail going on that seems integrated with
the desktop and it has no apparent window.
3) The kpager, gkrellm, and the Eterm displaying the tail do not show up in
the taskbar at the top of the screen.
4) The window decorations aren't even from KDE2.
5) The desktop is using truetype fonts (not that big of a deal today, but it
was still a .. ummm.. pain .. to get working)

If anyone is interested, I can let you know how I did it all.

Have some fun!

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