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RE: [SLE] [OT] Legal Issues Type Question
  • From: "crrey" <crrey@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 08:35:23 -0500
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I never buy off the rack. I have owned 2 computers in my life and bought
the first from a friend. That first had 3 different mobos, 3 different vid
cards, 2 different sound cards and, a replacement HDD. My 2nd comp was
built from the ground up. Abit mobo, Celeron 500, voodoo3 vid card replaced
with GF2-MX, same sound card, same hdd with 2nd added, new nic, new case,
cdrom, etc.... I have always felt it better to do this so as to avoid
running into the catch of having to also purchase an OEM version of an OS
(typically Winblows).

I already had a copy of W98 and the SE update CD and a couple version of
Linux. Even if I bought an OEM comp (say...Dell) I would strip off the Dell
OEM version and replace it with mine, especially true if you run a dual-boot
config. Not only is
M$ trying to get me to pay for the OS twice, but the OEM versions are
generally "restore" disks that wipe out/reformat the drive. If one wishes
to correct or replace a file and only has a restore disk - well all the old
data and programs generally get wiped. And if you have a dual-boot sys this
can be a real pain (so I've been told). The best way to send a message to
vendors that you bought from in the past is to write them that you no longer
intend to patronize their business due to constraints of the sales/product
policies. If the company gets enough information the its customer base is
declining due to the fact that they are forcing unwanted product options on
their clientele, then if they're smart they'll change. They only understand
it when it hits them in the wallet.

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From: Fergus Wilde [mailto:fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 0810
To: Eddie Howson
Cc: SuSE list
Subject: Re: [SLE] [OT] Legal Issues Type Question

Hi Eddie.

Did you get Simply to write this policy down, or was it just done on the
phone? It
would be interesting to see it justified in writing.

I think if a few folks email them to say that we're aware that MS is
hardware vendors not to sell boxes without an OS, but that plenty of people
want a
comp. to put Linux on, this should get a result. Or, like the man said, buy
I have found it no cheaper, but generally more satisfactory to build
machines for Linux,
that way you've got some control over the motherboard and other
low-visibility elements
of the package like the case and power supply as well as RAM, disks and so
on, and
you can pick directly from the hardware compatibility lists.

In broader terms, I'm a bit surprised this sort of restrictive practice
isn't illegal. When they
say 'you must have an OS', I suppose they mean 'you must buy an MS OS.'
you slice it, this is very naughty and scarcely conducive to the healthy
free-market competition
men like Gates are always droning on about in justifying the present
economic setup.

Maybe a few emails to people like Charlie Stross at Computer shopper, too -
may do it
if I get time

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From: "Eddie Howson" <eddie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "SuSE Linux List" <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: [SLE] [OT] Legal Issues Type Question

> There is a company, Simply Computers ( who will
> sell a computer without an operating system. However, they do not offer
> Linux distos. The only solution they offer is to buy MsDOS even if you
> never going to use it. Is there anything that can be done or is there
> that we can put pressure on the them to rethink their policy?
> Just wondered.
> Eddie
> On Tuesday 01 May 2001 02:22, Stuart Powell wrote:
> > Hello, everyone.
> >
> > I just wanted to see what trouble I could stir up this evening with an
> > article I found this morning. I'm surprised Fred didn't send it on. If
> > you don't think of MS as the Evil Empire yet, this may well push you
> > the edge.
> >
> >
> >
> > This article raised many questions in my mind. Predominantly, though,
> > this: Just how far can Microsoft go in its pursuit of pirates without
> > overstepping the mark ? How much of this power can be wielded beyond US
> > borders ?
> >
> > Let's say that I buy a shiny new PC from Gateway, for the sake of
> > I order it without an OS, since I intend to install a lovely fresh copy
> > SuSE on it, and don't want to have to pay the MS Tax. A vigilant
> > employee then calls up MS and says "Stoo just bought a new machine
> > an OS. Please add another point to my score, as I am trying to win my
> > yacht from the MS 'Shop Your Customers for Profit' promotion". The next
> > thing I get is a phone call from a drone in Redmond. The call goes
> > something like this...
> >
> > Drone - "Mr. Powell, it has come to our attention that you just bought a
> > whizz-bang new Gateway PC without an OS. We will be sending the PC
> > ( over to make sure you bought a valid Windows
> > for that PC."
> >
> > Me - "Sod off ! It's running Linux."
> >
> > Question; can they still send the PC police round to check and see if I
> > actually have Linux on the box ? What about the other PCs here that may
> > may not be running Windows ? Can they check those just because they're
> > here and they feel like it ? How about my friend's PC in the corner
that I
> > will be upgrading with a new processor in a couple of days ? I don't
> > if he has a valid Windows licence or not. I certainly can't produce one
> > for it myself.
> >
> > And finally, how long is this kind of behaviour going to be tolerated
> > before someone sees the light and puts a stop to this kind of thing ?
> >
> > Let the battle commence...
> >
> > Stuart.
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