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Re: [SLE] [OT] Legal Issues Type Question
> On Monday 30 April 2001 09:22 pm, Stuart Powell wrote:
> > Drone - "Mr. Powell, it has come to our attention that you just bought a
> > whizz-bang new Gateway PC without an OS. We will be sending the PC
> > police ( over to make sure you bought a valid Windows
> > licence for that PC."
> >
> > Me - "Sod off ! It's running Linux."

My advise: "Sod off until you get a court order!"

The bsa has been known to bully them selves into office buildings as if they
where the police. But first of all they are nothing and second, even the
police need the approval from a judge to enter a building and do a house
search. And for that they need proof that there is "reason to suspect" any
wrong doings.

That is unless they saw you run into the building while pointing a gun at

But in your case, since you did not buy (or maybe own) an MS product you are
not bound by their recent license terms which state that you must account for
all installed MS software just because they ask you to.

Don't worry about it. If you do good nobody can touch you.

BB, Arjen

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