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Re: [SLE] Linux box as Gateway

Do you mean that you need clients to be able to access the external net via
the SuSE Server? just mention "other protocols" if you have Squid
working and you are familiar with assigning the ports and such on the
clients for the Proxy for HTTP then I am sure you would be able to figure
out the SuSE firewall Script + NAT to use the Server for FTP requests and
such....Is this what you are trying to accomplish?


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From: "Manuel Cardenas" <manuelc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 6:24 PM
Subject: [SLE] Linux box as Gateway

> Hi everybody
> I am a newbe in Linux, maybe my question will be to stupid for you but,
> actually I am trying to use our linux box as a gateway to connect our
> lan to Internet, actually fetchmail and sendmail are working fine also
> for http, but we need another protocols. does anybody know where can I
> articles on configuring this box as a gateway or maybe how to set up a
> proxy server
> Manuel
> p.s pardon my bad English but it is not my native language
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