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[SLE] CD Burner
  • From: peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Hargroves)
  • Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 22:40:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <00040722594800.00300@linux>

Hi Jon

Sorry about not replying via the start of this thread but lost all my mail.

Thanks for the info re setting up my Cd burner Mitsumi 4804 TE (are we twins) :)
Thats twice you have helped me out,we must have the same setup.

after a week of trial and errors its working as of tonight : ),one thing I did
notice was I think a spelling mistake one was scsi_hostadaptor and the other
was scsi_hostadapter, this was in the modules.conf file anyway I use the later
and it worked ok. The software I used was (Kreatecd) what do you use!

Ok one more question if you dont mind, I can read and write CD's using the
cdrecord programs but when I try to mount the the CD I get this error message,

mount: wrong fs type,bad option,bad superblock on dev/cdrom, or too many
mounted file systems.

this is also on any CD I try to read.

Many thanks...

Peter Hargroves <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
SuSE LiNUX <6.3>

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