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Re: [SLE] samba network server locking up an big file transfers
  • From: marcelbr@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Marcel Broekman)
  • Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:54:09 GMT
  • Message-id: <20000403.21540900@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Samy,

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On 4/2/00, 2:22:20 PM, Samy Elashmawy <samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
regarding [SLE] samba network server locking up an big file transfers:


> Hi folkd,

> got a samba/nfs server that locks up when copy/transfering large
> Small files copy ok.
> Large files just sort of hang up , both on both ends. on the machine
> (client) the copy procedure just hangs and the process menter just
> there. One the server end it locks up.

> This happens under both linux and windows clients.

> Samba server is a P166 w suse 6.3 usa 6 cd distro , lynkys 100/10 TP
> ethernet and a linksys 100/10 hub.

> Any ideas where to start ? cable , cards , ect....

> Thanks.

I remember i had the same problem a few years ago. Didn't use Linux at
that time. I had a NT-server and a few win95 clients. The server was
also used as a dialup server to the Internet. I had read somewhere how
to "tune" the dialup connection and get a better throughput. This was
done by changing the value of MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) and RWIN
(Receive Windows?) in the windows registry. If i remember correctly
MTU was set to 1500 by default. Changing this value to 576 would
increase the speed. I didn't edit the registry by hand but downloaded
a utility that could do this for me. Soon after changing the value i
experienced the same problems you are describing. The utility had
changed not only this value for the dialup connection but also for for
the network. Changing this value back to default solved this annoying
I don't know if this could also be a problem in your setup with Linux
and don't want to put you on the wrong track, but maybe it is worth
checking. Needless to say checking your cabling and hardware would be
your first step. Let me know how thing go.

HTH, Marcel

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