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[SLE] FYI - Mozilla M14 and Corel WPO2000

I've been running Mozilla Milestone14 for three days now. Unlike
Netscape 4.7.2, which hung the keyboard and mouse frequently on java
loop displays of animated gifs, M14 never does. M14, however, is
slower than 4.7.2 by 25 to 35%. I have had 6 crashes in the three
days I have had M14 installed. There is no reproducible pattern to
any of the six crashes. At least I don't have to reset my PC to
regain control when M14 crashes. The email feature is MUCH slower on
M14 than previous versions of Netscape. CNN still does not recognize
the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of M14, which prevents me from
testing the video options.
As I said before, I think I'll wait for KDE's Konquorer.

Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Delux edition will not load on a SuSE
6.3 box. While one problem may be attributable to the odd way SuSE
packages glibc, an even larger problem exists in the rpms that Corel
supplied. They don't work. Specifically, the WPO2000-full, which
is 82MB of files, makes lots of motions, but the primary installation
program, setupWPO2000, is not installed. Apparently other files are
missing too. I don't know how easy it would be for SuSE to
reconfigure their glibc package to match the other major distros, but
I think it would be pretty tough install a 33MB RH glibc2.1.1 rpm
on a SuSE 6.3 box and not blow away the installation. Would it be
too late for SuSE to reconfigure 6.4 before the release date to match
the glibc config of other distros? Probably.

Will Corel techies be able to generate a set of CDs that would
install against a SUSE 6.3 box within 30 days. I hope so, but I am
not optimistic. The Corel techie's last word to me was:
"Hi guys,
I've forwarded the description below to our packaging team - I'm honestly
not familiar enough with the packaging issues to help beyond this point.
I do know that a web page is being prepared with detailed install info
for SUSE, Caldera, and a few other distributions, so hopefully that will
solve the problems below."

The "guys" refered to are Avi Schwartz and myself. I don't know
about Avi, but Gavriel State's last msg doesn't give a time frame
and does not give one a sense of resolution any time soon. The
retailer, and Corel itself, gives a 30 day refund time frame.
I've offered to help in any way I can. But, if I don't hear any
more from them within the next week, I shall return WPO2000.

PS - I have not opened the sealed package that contains the limited
edition of RailRoad Tycoon II, from Loki, either. :-(

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