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[SLE] IP Masq / DHCP / Firewalling
  • From: samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Samy Elashmawy)
  • Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 12:35:17 +0000
  • Message-id: <>

opps forgot to add , using suse usa 6 cd distro , dial up modem with
wvdial.dod external modem on com 1 , 10 megabit ne200 compatable ethernet
as eth0 , firewall/ipmasq/dhcp set ip as , while the other
machines have there ips set as , and dial up gets its ip
address from the isp on each new dial in, with a new ip on each new dial in .

Hi folks,

I got wvdial.dod working with the german version from Thanks for
the link.

Now whats next ?

Dhcp ?? ip masq ??? Firewall ??

Which order do I start with . I do know the suse dhcp is buggy , where do I
get the one that works ? Any one have a url ? which needs to be set up
first , dhcp , or does ip masq need to be running first ?

on ip masq is this done via yast or the kernal ?

I assume that firewalling is last ? via ip chians yes ? Via yast ot kernal
? any one have that web addrss that sets ipchians up ? does it work with
yast/suse ?

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