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[SLE] Screw etiquette

i look at it this way , its like that old song by the stones ~you cant always get what you want~
if you dont like the way someone types or talks then ignore them...dont slam emails on them scolding the hell outta them
treating them like little dont know the person on the other end of the email, like i said the simplest soulution is to
just delete the message and not throw a fuss cause you cant undersytand it,or just say politley hey could you explain a little
more about what you said cause i dont fully understand... I know theres gotta be people from diffrent sides of the tracks on this list,
cause im from them sides.. i mean gimme a break bitching cuase someone forgets to ad commas and periods to their emails or cause they
use 4 instead of thats all part of the cyber game and the freedom of speech and choice ya know...are you gonna stop using linux
cause in the source code it uses the words like: fuck, shit, asshole, Bitch...ect several times...cause if you read the source your gonna see
these words and if i remember right pussy is even in the source code....if you dont believe me read it...
i can understand people from other countries complaining cause the slang is diffrent...but fully speaking english people bitching and then
when you say ok im sorry i should have been more legible...ect then they raise up their glory flags and banners and bitch even more, thats what
pisses me off, i dont need to be getting bitched out by someone especially after you say ok sorry i should have did this and that....ect
well shit...just my 25 cents worth of complaining...catch ya later...

p.s. that maybe one of the reasons why the suse list is the one thst most widley used , cause people r using it to bitch at each other...
this list is one of the most helpful i seen lets all just get along and be one big happy suse family...

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