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Re: [SLE] On-line documentation fixed in 6.4?

At 09:37 AM 04/02/00 -0600, Bud Rogers wrote:
>Bill Moseley <moseley@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>Works fine here. If you run apache on your machine http://localhost gets a
>generic webpage having, among other things, links to most if not all your
>local documentation. Document root is at /usr/local/httpd/htdocs. There
>is an index.html page there, which you will likely want to redo to suit
>your own needs. Other boxes on the same LAN can get to it by

Are you talking about 6.3 or 6.4?

I had a number or problems. For example, I wanted to look at the howtos
their URL is:

The problem is that there's no /howto/ Alias. So I had to add this to
Alias /howto/ /usr/doc/howto/

Now a bunch of web pages have <A HREF="http://localhost";> in them. Now
that won't work over the network, of course. So that's busted too in the
6.3 distribution.

For example, the page http://localhost/hilfe/index_e.html has this in the

<LI><B><A HREF="http://localhost/htdig/search.html";>Full Text Retrieval</A>

and this:

<LI><A HREF="http://localhost/doc/sdb/en/html/index.html";>
Support DataBase - local with search</A>

Are you saying in your 6.3 distribution this file doesn't contain HREFs
pointing to localhost?

Bill Moseley

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