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Re: [SLE] Corel cheated.

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000, Mark wrote:
>Corel has no problems with modifying critical settings in
>Windows without informing the user, and I find it unlikely that
>will change just >because it is running on Linux. You need to
>consider more than whether a company claims to be Linux friendly
>and see if they have been freindly to any other OS in the past.

Corel can't do that in Linux because Linux has no 'registry'. Even
environmental variables can be safely modified while a program runs
and restored to prior values when a program quits without doing any
harm to the Linux installation. I do that all the time with

> The scariest issue that was previously identified in this thread had to do
> with the relationship between Linux distributions. There is no such thing as
> acceptable deviations among distributions if Linux intends to become the
> dominant OS.

Agreed. That is why Linux standards which transcend all distros and
to which all distros must adhere is becoming more important.

> When an application or
> hardware will not install on our distro, but will on another I become a bit
> more disenchanted with the whole process, but tend to react by not
> purchasing the hardware or software. I am tired of all the stuff that is
> only supposed to work with RedHat, and they won't even talk to you if you
> have a real Linux distro (see how I've so easily slipped into the camp
> supporting, or at least acknowledging differences in the distros).
> Mark Thornton

As it turns out, concerning my attempts to install WordPerfect Office
2000, the problem was with the 'unique' way in which *SuSE*
implemented the glibc standard, if what the Corel techie says is true:
"The setup tool is doingan 'rpm -qi glibc | grep Version' to get the
version of glibc you're running, but SUSE (unlike other RPM based
distros) puts the C libraries into a different package (shlibs)."

If the Corel techie's statement is true, then SuSE should get in
line with the standards of packaging. We certainly don't want to
begin another 'embrace and extend' empire.

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