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Re: [SLE] An etiquette for this list - a call for discussion

Philipp wrote 00/04/01:

> Therefor I would like to propose something similiar for this list. As with
> the german list, this IMO should not be an official statement from SuSE
> something we as members of this list create. If there is interest, I could
> do a translation of the current German etiquette and we could use that as
> starting point.
> Comments?
> Philipp

I am not sure I like the idea but as long as there is a concensus I
think I can go along. The problem with rules, guidelines, etc. is they mean
nothing if everyone doesn't follow them. How do you make someone obey the
rules? Refuse to respond? Kick them off the list? I am guilty of breaking
each rule at least once. What does that mean? Do I get no help?
I can easily see newbies and not-so-newbies violating these guidelines
more than once. These are the people who need the help the most and we want
them to learn how to use the mailing list before we will help them learn how
to use the OS? Linux does not make sense to the masses, I know people who
have trouble with Windows and in addition the people who know won't talk to
them unless they jump through the right hoops. I know this is the worst way
to look at but if you are frustrated already then that is how you will see
Like I said at the top, I have reservations but, me personally, am
willing to go along with the concensus.

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