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Re: [SLE] Corel cheated.
  • From: samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Samy Elashmawy)
  • Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 15:20:47 +0000
  • Message-id: <>

At 03:02 AM 4/2/2000 -0800, Brevsville Administrator wrote:
>In fairness to Corel, Wordperfect for UNIX has been available for years as
has their
>enhanced printer services.

I beg to differ , there WP8 for linux passthroughpostscript does not suport
color printing ,I dont ee it as any sort of enhansed printer serice.
Doesent even work with the esp drivers eaither. Shucks , applixware and
even maxwell print in color. (epson 1160 color inkjet)

I remember using it on SCO a number of years ago. Their
>new release is simply an enhancment of what WordPerfect Corp were doing
>Borland/Corel/Inprise/Everyone got involved.
>Surely what we want is a good O/S with good commercial application software.
>Open source protects us from the mickysofts of the world taking control.

Yes , agree with you hear.

>I have a copy of Corel Linux on one of my systems and I have to say that
it's install
>eats anything else I have seen including SuSE. Also it's enhanced KDE which
>integrates the control panel and Samba, makes Linux much more windoze like,
>which frankly is one of the biggest barriers to more businesses moving to
>they want a familiar interface for their average users.

These are the kind of improvements that can trickle over to other distros.
So far I have found when suse lacks in integration and simplicity , it
seems to make up for in allowing you do do a whole lot of advanced stuff in
yast. It does need some improvment , especialy in printer setup. Have you
seen the esp printdriver system. Real neet and real easy. Beats the pants
off of suse in printing

>Finally, don't knock the competition,learn from them and then do better.
Or if you
>don't like their products, don't buy them.
>my 2c worth
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