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Re: [SLE] Corel cheated.
  • From: mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Mark Thornton)
  • Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 13:10:31 -0600
  • Message-id: <00dd01bf9c0d$f3a8d820$04d05a3f@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

For me the issue isn't so much that Corel cheated, by why anyone would care?
WordPerfect on the Windows platform will take an unstable platform and make
it positively unusable. The only reason WordPerfect survives today is that
MS has chosen not to incorporate the legal layout specializations that
WordPerfect uses to guarantee that 99% of the legal offices in the US use
WP. You can do the same thing in MSWord, but it is simpler in WP. If you
look at the way their office suite completely pollutes and modifies a
Windows system you would be concerned for your carefully optimized Linux
platform. Corel has no problems with modifying critical settings in Windows
without informing the user, and I find it unlikely that will change just
because it is running on Linux. You need to consider more than whether a
company claims to be Linux friendly and see if they have been freindly to
any other OS in the past.

The problem of compatible code across multiple platforms is the big hangup
in all major applications. Even MS who is the largest software developer for
the Mac platform is finding it difficult to maintain feature and
functionality parity between the Mac and Windows applications. If Corel had
to modify the Wine libraries then fine, but how does that flow back into the
general Linux package? How do you keep different modifications becoming
incompatible with each other? That is already an issue on the Windows
paltform because developers think they can replace and existing dll with
their own. At some point the OS moves forward and if the special dll doesn't
keep up then problems appear. But how do you diagnose this kind of problem?
Even MS has trouble with that. How do you know you need to upgrade the
special dll?

The scariest issue that was previously identified in this thread had to do
with the relationship between Linux distributions. There is no such thing as
acceptable deviations among distributions if Linux intends to become the
dominant OS. It is one thing to be an excellent alternative, but another to
succeed and survive based on superiority. As long as there are real or
perceived issues between the distributions then Linux is vulnerable to other
OS alternatives, even MS getting their act together (unlikely, but
possible). I again point to the downfall of Unix as the next great OS to
save the world. The same things were being said about how the differences
were minor and it required a recompile and it was all being blown out of
proportion, but the perception that became reality was that there were
significant differences in the the Unix versions. It wasn't hard for Novell
first, then MS to capitalize on this perception. When an application or
hardware will not install on our distro, but will on another I become a bit
more disenchanted with the whole process, but tend to react by not
purchasing the hardware or software. I am tired of all the stuff that is
only supposed to work with RedHat, and they won't even talk to you if you
have a real Linux distro (see how I've so easily slipped into the camp
supporting, or at least acknowledging differences in the distros).

Mark Thornton
San Marcos Internet, Inc.

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