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Re: [SLE] Re: An etiquette for this list - a call for discussion

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> * James (Jim) Hatridge (hatridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [20000401 18:59]:
> > Personally I see no reason to have rules on this list. We are doing fine
> > without them.
> I tend to disagree, but more on that later on.
> > I know that Germans in general love the rule book.
> Yep, sadly they tend to do that :( But rest assured that I'm *not* in that
> camp.
> > Heck, the stamp club I belong to has it in the rule book that we all will
> > say "du" to each other.
> Oh yeah, typical sign of the German tendency to over regulate things :)
> > The major problem with having stated rules will be the self-appointed "SuSE Police".
> > Then if someone gets alittle off topic we'll have someone going on about ยง3 etc, etc.
> I don't think we'd have such problems, specially as this *is* an
> international list. I'd guess the danger of this to happen would be *much*
> higher if this was a german list.
> > This list being on a (more or less) basic level then I expect allot of
> > simple questions. No problem, either we go over the basics again with the
> > new guy or if we just did it last week we tell him to look at the SuSE
> > site.
> But IMO it wouldn't hurt either to point out places where somebody with a
> question could/should look first before turning to the list. And I'd
> *really* love to see things like HTML postings, unnecessary attachments and
> excessive quoting (and it's specially the latter that annoyed me most
> lately) vanishing from this list or at least getting reduced. And an
> _unofficial_ etiquette would help achieving that. At least I think it would
> and it seems like others here agree with me.
> But first of all this is exactly the discussion I hoped I could start :)
> Philipp

To me, the one thing that makes this list unique among the many I've
been on is the relative lack of ad homenim attacks, 'rtfm' replys,
wildly off list posts, and the usual crude, rude or vulgar postings.
These kinds of posts are the principal reasons why I seldom visit
newsgroups anymore. In newsgroups it isn't long before the
arrogant or psychopathic or vulgar drive thoughtful, and usually more
knowledgeable, people off the list.
While the kind of behavior I've described is not common on the SuSE
list, as SuSE's popularity continues to increase and the number of
posters increase, so will the numbers of those who don't know how to
behave or are unwilling to do so. Then, to be fair to all, a
person who blatantly and frequently abuses the list can be given a
warning and an etiquette citation. If they persist they can be
warned with a threatened removal from the list. If they persist,
they can be, fairly, removed from the list. This will maintain the
purpose of the list: to obtain high quality help from other SuSE
users and from SuSE employees as well.

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