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Re: [SLE] Re: An etiquette for this list - a call for discussion

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> Hi Phillipp et al,
> On Sat, 1 Apr 2000, Philipp Thomas wrote:
> > The users of the German suse-linux have created an etiquette which is posted
> > once a month on the list. You can have a look at a slightly outdated
> > translated version at
> Personally I see no reason to have rules on this list. We are doing fine
> without them. I know that Germans in general love the rule book. Heck, the
> stamp club I belong to has it in the rule book that we all will say "du"
> to each other.

Please let's leave the list as it is. Anyone who wishes to can join the
German rule book if they so wish. Here in Spain, we do not have the discipline
of Northern Europe. We just like to talk. *Please* do not inflict rules upon us.
It is a relief to newcomers to find a list like this. Just try a previously
posted question to most other lists to find yourself the idiot of the list in
no uncertain terms. As a newcomer six months ago I could have got nowhere near where I am
today without the freedom to talk to this list. We are trying to encourage
newcomers I hope. Please let them have the same opportunity to post
as I had.

Otherwise, yes.

Best wishes from Steve & Clara at FeF, Spain.

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