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Re: [SLE] Corel cheated.
  • From: samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Samy Elashmawy)
  • Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 09:49:22 +0000
  • Message-id: <>

Bad news , yes !

Good news is that it may bring the "fragmentation" to front and center.
To be honest , there are too meny distros to test them all. There realy
need to be some sort of standard as far as dirs , libs are mapped out ect...


allow each distro a crack at it during alpha/beta , and that will allow the
disto guys to see why there distro wont survive an install.

This "fragmentation" thing is just the kind of thing Billy Gates would love
to take advantaqe of."look at em, they cant even install it on the other
version of linux ect..."

At 08:33 PM 3/31/2000 -0600, Avi Schwartz wrote:
>So far I have no luck with installing the Corel Office 2000 for Linux:
>1. The installation program refuses to run since it thinks that I don't
>have glibc 2.X installed (I have, this is SuSE 6.3).
>2. Tried the manual install (i.e. installing all the RPMs they list for
>the full product). The RPMs install but I still don't get the
>application executable nor know how to do the per user install and get
>the icons.
>It is very disappointing that they didn't test the installation program
>on anything but Corel Linux and Redhat. It also worries me very much
>that in fact we have now incompatible Linux systems. Redhat with their
>tendency to do things a bit different are de-facto fragmenting the OS.
>While the kernel maybe the same, program cannot always install cleanly.
>Very disturbing.
>Jerry L Kreps wrote:
>> On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Samy Elashmawy wrote:
>> > Who did you order it from , and what is there return policy ?
>> I purchased online at They require a request for an
>> RMA before returning a product.
>> On the Corel 'Product Authenticity Card', which also contains the
>> serial number, it says that if you are not satisfied you can call
>> 1-800-772-6735 within 30 days of the date of purchase for a full
>> refund. Allow up to 10 weeks to receive your refund.
>> >
>> > I dont mind ordering it and trying out if there is some sort of mony back
>> > gaurentee from either the vonder or corel. Otherwise it will ba a wait
>> > see type thing.
>> >
>> > There wp 8 linux sight is very close to non existant for tech issues.
>> > nothing on printer drivers. Not a good sing. This had better impprove
>> > for 2000 version , otherwise useres are going to be pissed.
>> I had excellent results with my CDROM copy of Wordperfect 8.
>> JLK
>> >
>> > At 02:04 PM 3/31/2000 -0600, Jerry L Kreps wrote:
>> > >FedEx tried to deliver my copy of Corel Office 2000 but I was at a
>> > >funeral, or I would have posted a preliminary evaluation. I knew it
>> > >was a port that would run under wine. I am curious to know how fast,
>> > >though, and how stable, which may depend on which version of wine.
>> > >JLK
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