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Re: [SLE] Corel cheated.
  • From: juergen.braukmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Juergen Braukmann)
  • Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 22:27:03 +0200
  • Message-id: <38E50A17.47AEE9AE@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

"Fred A. Miller" wrote:
> This has nothing to do with SuSE, directly, however, I think it's
> important that everyone here knows what Corel is "up to."
> Their soon-to-be-released Office 20000 Suite is NOT a native Linux
> Suite, and in fact, the code was NOT ported to Linux. It's a modified
> 'Bloze version (all versions now have common code) that runs under Wine,
> which is shipped WITH the Suite. Now, for some this is fine...not a
> problem. I guess for me, I object to Corel's giving all this "lip
> service" to supporting Linux, and producing a LINUX VERSION of it's
> office suite, then having to read a review of the product to find out
> that it's NOT Linux code at all. I guess is an issue of honesty, if
> nothing else.
Well, first thing I heared time ago when Corel "went Linux" was that
they planned to "improve" wine to run their Windows apps under Linux.
Later, I heared / read about native ports of PhotoPain and CorelDraw and
was happier.
Well if it's all win, there will still be the improved wine, hopefully
GPL and in the current CVS of wine...
I also thought of buying CorelDraw, but if this turns out to be a
patched windows version I'll forget it.


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