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front page redesign
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 17:49:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <44562DFC.9040001@xxxxxxxxx>

I have made a quite significative -still not so visible-
change to the front page at

The french page being much less seen than the english one,
it's a good place to test (I already asked the users they
advice, will see the answer-and yours, I can go back).

to summarise, I don't change anything in the layout. the
goal was to make the hole page fit in 800x600 screen
I reduce the number of sidebar entries (and reworked
accordingly the content of the menu pages).
I also add an image of the 10.1 box in the upcomming events
place :-)

I also decided not to quote any other langage wiki in my
pages (for example the IW template-interwiki links), because
I'm unable to follow the growth of the wiki number, and I
don't read some of these strange pages (strange for me, of
course). On the contrary I quote the english page and I set
on the french front page an info box advertising the fact
that many new wikis exists.

Note that on the right part of the screen, I only report
things having a meaning for french readers.

I think more and more than an important part of the
community work can only made in english and so on the
english wiki. it's of little use to translate all the pages
on build system, bugzilla stuff or development
participation, because nobody who don't at least read
english can participate to these things.

Localised wikis are very good for beginners, end user
documentation, tips and tricks,download...

and to speak bask about front page, I really would like to
have a wikipedia like main page for all wikis (with all
these little flags on a nice lizard), but I'm definitively
NOT an artmaker, sorry :-)))


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