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Re: [opensuse-translation] SLES translation
Andrea Turrini <andrea.turrini@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sorry for the late answer, but I was very busy last days. Said this,

Better late than never :)

I resolutely refuse to use SLE translations since usually they are in a
different style (even if we grant for the sake of argument that an
uniform style is used at least in the file) that frequently does not
match the one we (Italian translation team) agreed for all oS
translations under our control. This means that in any case I have to
check and adapt strings in order to have again the uniform style between
all our translation files.

Ok, that sounds like a rather serious issue. (For the record, for
German that's not the case: there are differences, but the general
approach is the same in SLES and openSUSE). So, we will to sort it out
language by language and talk about the cause and the purpose of all

Another thing is that some string seems to be obtained using Google
Translator since the sentence contains the right words but its structure
is completely messy. And I am sure that such a string does not come from
previous oS translations since I reviewed all yast files before oS 12.1.

I guess this will be an exception. But also note, while yast and some
other components are at the same level on opensuse 12.1 and SLES 11 SP2,
SLES 11 SP2 is still somehow based on the "code 11", even if many
important feature are newer than 12.1...

Moreover I am very disappointed to find translations that have been
replaced by *wrong* strings without marking them as fuzzy. I have
already found several of such strings in current YaST files only because
I dumped a "svn diff -r PREV file" before starting translations, dumps
that I open in Kate for quickly finding differences between strings.
Hopefully I scrolled them instead of searching "fuzzy", so I discovered
such errors.Just as an example, in ldap-server there was a string
referring to the system repair module instead of the partitioner module.
I have no idea where such string comes from (I want to remark that it
was changed without marking it as fuzzy).

I'll try to check it. I can assure you that lately nobody knowingly
merged strings from the SLE11 branch into the trunk. Quite some time
ago (SLES 10?) we did this and at the same time, we flagged these
strings as fuzzy (IIRC).

The main problem now is that I dumped only 7 files (those with a lot of
fuzzy strings) and not all files, so currently I do not know whether
there are other files containing *wrong* translations. Hence I have to
waste my time finding the right version in the svn log for dumping a
good diff and checking it.

Thanks for your feedback and your warning! We will have to pay special

PS: I'll file bug reports if and when I have some free time, obviously
oS translations and all other activities have precedence...

Yes, that's reasonable.

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