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[opensuse-project] [GSoC] Entomologist UI Changes - Midterm Report
Hi everyone,

You can find my midterm report at [0] and the text below. I really recommend
reading the blog post as it has screenshots of everything :).

----Report Text ----
This report is a summary of all the work that I've completed so far for my
Summer of Code and what is to come :).

Porting Entomologist to Windows and Mac OS X:

Entomologist works mostly flawlessly on Mac OS X. Windows was an awkward
platform to port for and it still doesn't function as well as it could but once
we hit version 1.0 a lot of the problems can be addressed.

Tabbed Interface for selecting Trackers:

This took a few weeks to complete as it was awkward to get everything to work
correctly, I also had the learning curve/understanding new code slowing me down
whilst doing it. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it looks and how it works.

New Comments Dialog:

Next on the list was creating a New Comments Dialog. The goal was to make it
easier to select a bug and see the comments and add new comments for that
specific bug. The dialog works by either highlighting a bug in the table and
hitting Ctrl + Shift + N(Cmd + Shift + N on a Mac) or by clicking the new
comments button in the expanded comments dialog. If no bug is highlighted it
defaults to opening the first bug in the list.

ToDo Lists:

This is probably the most helpful feature I've worked on throughout the
project. It has been a bit of a learning curve and I think I'm starting to
'Get' QT and I can definitely see why QT is usually classed as better than GTK.
This feature still isn't finished but it is nearly all there and I'm currently
working on the mechanism to add new ToDoLists. Once that's completed the first
basic iteration will be there and it should be useful in that state.

Post Midterm Plans:

Post midterm I want to add cloud sync to the ToDoLists so you can sync the
items to whichever tra

cker you feel is appropriate. This should help in organising data and recording
milestones through bugs :). I think I'll start by having it export to calendar
formats that can be read by normal desktop viewers and they can handle the
sync. But the plan is to add that service integration to entomologist itself.

After that work is completed I will look at how we can integrate QML into
Entomologist so the trackers that it supports can be extended by using QML.
This would take a lot of work away from Matt as he won't have to add new
trackers, the users that want them can use QML to define them and they can
submit them as an extension :). I think this is the best way to manage most bug
trackers as there are a lot of different ones out there.

So that's it for the work completed so far. Hopefully at the end we'll reach
version 1.0 of Entomologist and move on with adding shiny new things :).

[0] -

David Williams
Entomologist UI Changes.--
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