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Re: [opensuse-project] What's wrong with independence?
  • From: "Alexis \"Agemen\"" <a9emen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 21:56:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTikHEVRDktmKlksin6I_1MLdG7Fc_wQ16yL5yGuC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Any arguments for independence are completely derailed when the very
same person who says we need to be independent says he refuses to do
anything to work towards that independence.  It simply doesn't make

Sure it does.  Why would I invest time in a project that, from my
vantage point, has an uncertain future?  What I'm telling you is, if you
want to attract outsiders, you folks who are already committed need more
independence, to become more attractive to outsiders.

We could see it another way. You could decide to invest in order to be
sure that the project will live.

you can't have one and not the other.  What I keep seeing over
and over again around here is we put out lots of calls for help on this
or that project and no one steps up, but everyone comments freely on
broad discussions like this.

Talk is cheap and good help is hard to find.  I'm not being sarcastic,
it's a real problem.  But if you expect to grow, you need to listen to
opinions that originate from outside your clique.

I hope we're not a clique ^_^ In some ways you're right. And as a
result of your comments, we have a quite interesting exchange.

There is always a risk of infrastructure "suddenly going away."  Novell
could do that, although AJ himself stated Novell will not do that (and
thus this is unfounded conjecture to even bring it up), whoever buys
Novell and continues to sponsor us could pull the plug.  Or we could
seek out sponsors of our own who donate their services to host our
infrastructure, and then one day they could pull the plug.  Or we could
pay for our own infrastructure and host it on servers and our hosting
service suddenly goes out of business without notice and *poof* one day
our infrastructure is missing.  That has happened to a lot of customers
out there, as you know.

I don't expect Novell's sponsorship to disappear suddenly.  But things
are always changing, and competition in the tech world is brutal.  Try
to prepare for the worst, as much as you can.

The only argument is whether you consider independence to mean with or
without Novell's partnership. I consider Novell's partnership to be vital.

Again, I'm not crusading against Novell.  I don't care if the KGB
sponsors opensuse.  But try to emulate Debian's model, and separate the
infrastructure from the sponsors.

If i have understood what has been said, that's what the board and
Novell are doing thhese times. And that's great :-)



OrbisGIS developer.
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