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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 18:37:49 +0200
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470907310937v1a408f64laa5771576750abf9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Fellow community members,

I have to admit that I haven't read all your comments yet, but I'd
like to take the opportunity to share my very personal point of view.
Frank Karlitschek's arguments for an additional radio button, i.e. a
default selection of KDE, doesn't make too much sense to me. Neither
would a default selection of GNOME do btw - here's why...

Confusion to new users?
Honestly, whatever distribution you choose, you need to inform
yourself beforehand about the desktop selection. oS LiveCDs are
available for test-driving and we always have the opportunity to
higher knowledge about desktop environments to new users - that's what
we should concentrate on in that context from my perspective.

oS being the only big KDE distribution?
From my perspective oS won't be the biggest/greatest KDE distribution
because of an additional radio button but because of its technical
implementation as well as the awesome support provided by the OBS to
both stable and developer editions of oS - that's a real strength we
have compared to e.g. Ubuntu or Fedora or Mandriva or whatever.
Another point to differentiate from other projects is care - oS's KDE
implementation reflects care imho - something one couldn't say about
e.g. Kubuntu. Let me raise another question here: Are we the greatest
KDE distribution already? I think we are, just due to other (much more
important) reasons. Just remember how much work have been put into
backporting KDE4.2 features in 11.1's KDE4.1 implementation or the
maintenance of even two KDE editions for a rather long time.

KDE developers need a nice distribution to develop on?
Don't they have one already - oS? What does a default selection of KDE
contributes to it? Honestly I simply can't see your point here.

increase the popularity of openSUSE in the KDE user community?
This is the major issue I'd like to comment on. From my perspective
our BIG strength is, that we support choice - I mean a REAL choice. We
have excellent implementations of both GNOME and KDE, that's something
we really differentiate from other projects. Frank Karlitschek
outlines a potentially positive effect within the KDE community and if
he proves right, imho it's not the best argument for the objectiveness
of this community - with due respect. Shouldn't the actual
implementation of KDE and the care of the oS project for the KDE
community be the actual reason KDE community members should use oS? Is
a radio button really a better argument? I don't know - I can't see
this point.

What I see as a MUCH bigger issue is the influence to the GNOME
community. A decision to select KDE as the default just sets them
apart - much more than to express an appreciation to the KDE community
imho. GNOME definitely is the "little sister" of KDE in our
distribution (no question) but I explicitly use the word "sister" here
- KDE folks, i.e. Frank Karlitschek, think about the bad impact such a
decision would have for GNOME. Shouldn't we think as "the oS
community" rather then a KDE and a GNOME "battleline"?

Think about it - I hope you feel my thoughts helpful.

Rupert (long-time oS GNOME user)
Rupert Horstkötter, openSUSE community
Email: rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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