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[opensuse-project] [maybe OT?] Re: discrimination in suse irc channels
  • From: Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:55:39 -0700
  • Message-id: <4890E35B.3030803@xxxxxxxxx>
Druid wrote:
I was in the #opensuse-project channel and I have seen something very
shocking happening:
< suseROCKs> Beineri: No I'm an American. We kicked Brit ass 232
years ago and we're still gloating about it.

Well, I ask you all, should we put that kind of push on british
opensuse users? I kid you not, what should we do? Push them to other
distributions more friendly to british linux users?

That's wrong, in my opinion. What should we do about it?
Are you sure it wasn't Brit humor? They are known for being a bit dry in
their humor (i.e. could have been a brit imitating a yank)...could have been humor...
certainly seems humorous given the mis-steps we yanks have made in the world
recently...sorta like the "bull in a china shop" effect? You can be sure that Bush didn't
have that attitude with Blair -- I doubt "homey would have played that tune"... worst looks like a troll or teenager spouting off their
testosterone. Unless it becomes pervasive, I'd ignore it or take the devil's advocate.
The brits may have gotten ass-kicked, but given the religious-nuts taking over
america -- who got the better deal? Just let it roll-off onto the
side -- don't let it get under your skin. Alot of trolls love nothing more
than to

I think it is generally thought that the brits and yanks are close allies -- sorta like
boys who used to fight -- but are now best friends who knock heads every once
in a
while just to both prove their both still 'tough' and independent. But that's
uninformed yank opinion -- but from my view, the French are are best
models -- even though some conservative freaks don't like what the French say
because they know the French are right, and the french are born with more class
most americans can ever hope to aspire to. Yee Hah, parlayvooo fransays... I
to think that brits and french are the strongest cultural and historical influences on
America....but sometimes like many "relatives", we argue and posture and carry
on --
even though when push comes to shove, -- if a real threat came along, I think all three
would be on the same side....

just my uninformed two or three cents (and I have had the fortune of visiting
both england (briefly), and france a few times -- have to say -- the french were
a tad (ok more than a tad) warmer, though the brits were hell-a-easier to
understand! :-) Brits were more like americans -- french were more like I wish america
would be.
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