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Re: [opensuse-project] Announcing
  • From: jdd sur free <jdanield@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 09:06:38 +0100
  • Message-id: <458E350E.80702@xxxxxxx>
Pascal Bleser a écrit :

I'm not sure we should explicitly mention the content provided there
contains information that _might_ be infringing some patents in the US

better give examples :-)

Exactly. But sorry, openSUSE is not "quite only Novell" in my opinion.
The distribution is mostly driven by Novell, but not the community
around it, obviously.

until now it is (driven by Novell). This actual initiative is a first step as independance, probably necessary and usefull if smartly done (as it seems to be, given the founders). would be much better to have e-mail than the other way.

In fact I don't really see how Novell could give up the "dictatorship" on openSUSE, given Novell would have a very bad time living without the openSUSE control (suppose a violent fork), but could give the openSUSE-"community" a much larger freedom, the word "community" making clear the independance from the mother house :-)

on the "community", there should be no dictatorship, even benevolent :-)

I think we do have a lot of people.
The "problem", currently, is rather that it is scattered around many
smaller communities

I don't have never seen separate communities grouped if not by a collective effort of they own founders.

if you can show the signatures of most of the main present suse community leaders here (as leaders of they own community), you can acheive the goal of meging them, but you wont do that on creating a new one.

in fact, probably each existing community (the really living ones) have something special (not necesseraly easily visible) that makes it alive, often the simple personality of one of they members.

I mean, if I'm part of any community, people can come and say: jdd is here, I can be part of it. But I know there are also that wil say: jdd is here, I will _not_ be part of this shit... :-)

If it doesn't imply potential legal issues, put it
If it is about mplayer, mad, lame, Packman, Guru, etc.. then we have to
put it on as Novell forbids us to put it on
this very sentence could be a good start as a rule :-)

Just forget about "rules" atm. Let's not spend 6 months thinking about
rules, control, sysops, how to enforce them, bla bla bla.
Let's just do it, right now, see how it evolves and adjust accordingly,
if needed.

we need a rule, no necessity to discuss if for days :-) it's almost already done :-), but a "flagg": com here we are... (and why should somebody come here and not elsewhere :-)

already discussed, unfortunately, it's two places instead of one. But
that's still better than a dozen IMHO.

I also think so, but know many people wont agree :-( worth a try.


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