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[opensuse-marketing] Minutes - openSUSE Marketing SocNet Hackfest 03/Nov/2009
  • From: Bryen M Yunashko <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 13:18:57 -0600
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(Apparently I sent this from the wrong mailbox and it bounced back without me
noticing it yesterday. My apologies!)

Meeting held on Tuesday 4-Nov-2009 at 14:00 UTC.


AJaeger begins in meeting by yelling "Party!" thus indicating it's a fun
channel and group to be with.

suseROCKs begins meeting by reminding everyone that 11.2 Final Release
is in 9 days and we wish to maximize our use of the Social Networking
services to promote openSUSE.

jBrockmeier suggests we target 2 or 3 specific networks rather than use
just any social network tool out there. suseROCKs suggests Facebook,
Twitter, and LinkedIn.

suseROCKs indicates we need more tweets and re-tweets on Twitter. Seems
we are scant in recent days. We should insist that participation on the
Marketing Team should include proactive tweeting and retweeting.

Shayon says we need more openSUSE users first to create more tweet
content. suseROCKs reminds the meeting that we had discussed creating
social network user account directories at the openSUSE Conference. AI
to Shayon to create these directories.

jBrockmeier pointed out that using "Please RT" gets a higher percentage
of retweets than just "RT." He also suggests we target influencers such
as media persons and people with large accounts and send tweets to them.

AI to JBrockmeier from gnokii: Please make your tweets shorter so it is
easier for us to retweet.

Discussion evolved to what to tweet? How to get content to tweet?
Tweets should be interesting. suseROCKs suggests finding a way to get
PlanetSUSE to feed to Twitter/ to make it easier for all of us
to re-tweet good articles.

AI to Michl: to find ways to get developers to use microblogging more so
we can all retweet more interesting stuff.

Bertnid suggested we use cotweet to bring our tweets together.

AI to wstephenson: to hold a social-media knowledge sharing session
on-site in NUE.

emcconne_ indicated he has received successful traffic to his blog as a
result of Twitter and re-tweets.

Bertnid also brought up use of podcasts, but this wasn't discussed
further in the meeting.

wstephenson brought attention to PlanetSUSE and asks the group if there
is a need for a revamp. Many indicated a desire to streamline
(restrict) posts by eliminating Novell PR blogs and non-open source
articles (by imposing tag requirements.) Many feel that would make
PlanetSUSE more interesting to the Community.

It was suggested that a separate PlanetSUSE meeting (hackfest?) be held
with Riggwelter (maintainer of PlanetSUSE) that can focus on all of
PlanetSUSE ideas and tweaks. AJaeger suggested perhaps changing from
PlanetSUSE to

Long-term goals of SocNet are to get more interesting content out there
and improve the culture of social networking across the full openSUSE

Short term goals stated by JBrockmeier in preparation for 11.2 release:
1. Everyone on marketing team should be blogging about 11.2 release
2. Get people to go out and help out in forums
3. Outreach to "influencers"
4. Tweet and Re-Tweet things about the release
5. Build sustained attention to openSUSE beyond the release date so
people are talking about openSUSE in late November, December, and so on.

JBrockmeier also suggests an open week (Getting to know openSUSE) for
the first week of December (6-11.) AJaeger concurs it is a good date
for open week.

AJaeger and suseROCKs briefly discuss the difference between Santa Claus
and Hannukah Harry. wstephenson mentions Christmukkah.

Those who want to take on specific AI's should sign up for Basecamp
website where JBrockmeier has listed project goals for social
networking. Those volunteered are:

Discussion around how to generate topics for articles and tweets.
wstephenson suggested "how about area specialists like myself for KDE
mail -marketing with a list of twitterable things for their area?"

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