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[opensuse-kde] Issues with Baloo and all that
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 12:41:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <4813696.gUptP4uBfu@jos-desktop>

I see quite a bit if misconceptions around the new search infrastructure in
KDE. I would strongly suggest you read this article:
And this where we asked for help in testing:

I put in a lot of time to write both articles, create liveCD's so you could
help test, ask people for testing etcetera.

Now it seems some issues were not caught by testing. If you did test and
filed a grave bug but it did not get fixed, you can complain about release
management and you have every right to be taken very serious. You put in
work, after all.

If you did not help test but you found a problem, well, I understand. You
might not have had time to help. Then, file a bug now, we will fix it asap.
But don't waste your and our time complaining about how OTHER PEOPLE did not
do enough testing: if YOU want to make sure YOUR features work, then TEST
YOURSELF. If you had no time, then accept that we can't test everything. And
we can't delay a release forever, waiting for others (you?) to finally decide
they have time to test it. If it works for us and everybody who has tested
it, we release it. Simple as that.

Sorry, that is reality with volunteer work that you are NOT paying for.

Then. Some of you complain this should not have been turned of by default, or
it should be more plugin-based and easier to install.

First about the turned-on-by-default: Search is on by default in Windows, Mac
OS X, Android, iOS and even GNOME. With the improvements to search (see
article above) we felt confident we solved the issues for 95% of our users
and were able to follow into the 21st century. I tested baloo extensively and
all the issues I had were fixed by Vishesh (its main developer) before the
release. There is only so much we can do, especially without help from all of
you. Meanwhile, it works for most users, so sorry that you're part of the
small group it does NOT work for: if you had time to test, that could have
been avoided. Now you didn't, that is fair, but realize that we can't do
anything about you not having time to help us test. So don't blame us.

About the 'I want to uninstall it; it should be a plugin; etc'. Funny thing
is: Baloo and Akonadi are exactly what you want: modular and because of that,
very complex. That is why they have been so problematic for so long: it is
very hard to get such a flexible, plugin based technology stable and
performant. Actually, Baloo is a lot less flexible than nepomuk was, that is
why the new KDE Semantic Search is so much faster and more stable: we took
away flexibility.

Making everything runtime/plugin based increases complexity. If you want it
simple, fast and stable (but not flexible and everything hard coded) use
GNOME. Or accept that it takes a bit longer and that it takes more testing
(did you help test?) to get it right the way KDE is doing it.

About the KNotes issue: the developers rewrote that part because they could
no longer maintain the old version. The choice was between rewriting it to
make use of common infrastructure, or just removing it. The rewrite looses
some functionality, and it clearly has a bug: not always importing all notes
properly. This WAS tested and it worked for the developers and at least the
people who tested, so I guess some here are just unlucky. Or did not help

Again, the same: if you would have helped test, the importing would have been
more robust. You had no time, that is fair, but then accept that we don't get
paid to test or can't pay people to test, so this is all we could do. We
would love to get 10 extra, paid developers and 100 paid testers. This would
probably then not happen...

Of course, if you think we made the wrong choice and should simply have
dropped KNotes, you can always simply remove it and accept that we did not
have enough volunteers to maintain the old version. That, too, sucks and you
can blame a random person (just pick a colleague next to you in the office
for example) for not stepping up and maintaining KNotes. Or be happy that
somebody at least did the work they did to keep it around and will hopefully
add the functionality you are missing...

Again, I'm sorry for the issues. So are other KDE developers. But we can't
change the world as it is and yelling at us doesn't help. On the contrary, it
does the opposite: there is little reason to put in your free time when
people just yell at you for doing something for them for free.

If you have questions, ask. If you think I'm crazy, fair enough. But if you
comment, at least be reasonable and realistic. We can't bend reality so don't
expect us to. And be fair and put in some effort to understand what we do and
why before you start complaining.

As a wise man once said: a fool can ask more questions than the wisest man on
earth can answer.

Don't be a fool. The world has enough of those.

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