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[opensuse-kde] kde4 causing trouble
  • From: Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 00:01:54 -0400
  • Message-id: <200804290001.54437.911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello SuSE users.

Running 10.3 x86_64

Quite awhile back I did a one-click for kde4.01 It opened OK and kind of
worked but 3.5.7 much more suited me. So I kind of ignored it for awhile. I
noticed one thing though, when I did a kdesu on an application I got the kde4
version. Reported it on this list but nobody seemed to have an answer.

Well, last night I decided to upgrade kde4 (all stable) So when I went to try
it out it wouldn't open and I got this message "call to lnusertemp failed",
Huh?? What is this? The upgrade broke what little value there was? No big
deal right now. Don't really use it. Just wanted to see if it improved. Get
to it eventually and do a little searching.

Now I switch to kde3 and I find I cannot kdesu to any of my apps. (remember
what I said in the 1st paragraph) I get this message,"There was an error
loading the module Konqueror" and the same for Kwrite, Kate, and Firefox.
This is bad. A screwed up kde4 is breaking my kde3 system.

I went to /var/log/messages using MC and looked at the file. Nothing was
readily apparent except these that I am not sure about. and may have nothing
to do with this problem "sudo:bob:pam-authorization:conversation failed" and
then there were a few other lines about gconfd that said gconf was read only
and the GConf server was shutting down.

Hope somebody can give me some direction on this.

And BTW how does one go about uninstalling those hundreds of rpm's in kde4,
Really don't want anything to do with it for now.

Bob S
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