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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Creating initrds with no good reason WAS: Questions about osc
On Fri, 2020-09-18 at 16:23 +0200, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
Am Freitag, 18. September 2020, 14:49:45 CEST schrieb Martin Wilck:

There is an easy way, and it's actually documented, albeit not very

You can use the "-t template" option of the %kernel_module_package
macro. See section 6 of the kernel module packages manual.

Typically, you'd copy the default template /usr/lib/rpm/kernel-
subpackage into your project as an additional source file, modify
it to
suit your needs, and feed it's path to the -t option.

Well, that's done for virtualbox already. Larry, during
investigation, I
noticed, that the spec yanks "^Provides: multiversion(kernel)" from
/usr/lib/rpm/kernel-module-subpackage, do you remember the reasoning?

multiversion(kernel) for KMPs used to cause all sorts of headaches and
subtle problems. IIRC these problems are solved with the kernel commit
"KMPs: provide and conflict a kernel version specific KMP name", which
avoids two different KMPs installed for the same kernel version, which
causes the KMPs to have these dependencies:

Provides: %{-n*}-kmp-%1-%_this_kmp_kernel_version
Conflicts: %{-n*}-kmp-%1-%_this_kmp_kernel_version

I still remember a case, where I tried to switch back to an older
which resulted in a dysfunctional VB, since the kmp is *replaced*
with the
newest build for the latest kernel. The idea of this tag is to
multiple kmp builds for several kernels, and VB shouldn't be excluded

Martin, if I read /usr/lib/rpm/kernel-module-subpackage (as of TW)
it would suffice to supply "-b KMP_NEEDS_MKINITRD=0" to
for suppressing the initrd regeneration. Am I right?

No, -b *forces* creation of the initrd, and KMP_NEEDS_MKINITRD=0 means
nothing (it's equivalent to KMP_NEEDS_MKINITRD not existing). If you
don't use this, and don't set KMP_NEEDS_MKINITRD=1, then weak-modules2
would look whether any modules from your KMP are contained in the
current initrd, and schedule a mkinitrd run only if that was the case.
Perhaps that's your problem? If not, it might make sense to debug what
weak-modules2 is doing, like this:

/usr/lib/module-init-tools/weak-modules2 --verbose --add-kmp


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