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[opensuse-buildservice] Introduce top-level project belatedly and force signing key for project?
Hello all,

we're running a private OBS 2.10 instance.

We currently have a bunch of projects without a top-level project, i.e. we have


but we don't have <group>.

From the old days we also have a global GPG signing key which is still used to
every RPM for all projects that don't have their own key.

Now I'd like to do two things:

- introduce the project <group>
- manually force the signing key for <group>

Will a new project <group> automatically be the parent for <group>:<p1> etc.?
will <group>:<p1> inherit permissions and in particular the signing key?

I understand that forcing a signing key is not supported via osc or the WWW
interface, but would I get away with manually replacing/setting



And if so, how do I generate the format for _signkey? For _pubkey it looks quite
straight forward.

In case you're wondering why we're looking into that. ;-) Newer versions of OBS
to be quite eager to introduce a new signing key for new projects, AFAICT, if
no key in any of the top-level projects. The global signing key seems to be

So, when I create <group>:<p4> it will a have a new signing key. But I want it
to use
the global one. Unfortunately 'osc signkey --delete <group>:<p4>' doesn't seem
work for getting rid of the new key.

TIA + HAND -- Till
Dipl.-Inform. Till Dörges doerges@xxxxxxxxxxxx
PRESENSE Technologies GmbH Nagelsweg 41, D-20097 HH
Geschäftsführer/Managing Directors AG Hamburg, HRB 107844
Till Dörges, Jürgen Sander USt-IdNr.: DE263765024
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