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[opensuse-ambassadors] New Ambassador in Ukraine
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 16:29:39 +0200
  • Message-id: <201009091629.40107.aj@xxxxxxxxxx>
Please welcome Kostyantyn as new ambassador to the Ukraine.

As an introduction I'm appending his answers below,

* What have you done already for openSUSE?
I run a FOSS conference in my uni (see poster and
help students to learn more about FOSS during my classes.

* What are your plans for promoting openSUSE?
To improve things that i already do (help students to find out more
about FOSS, and openSUSE as one of the greatest products in this field).

I hope that ambassador program "has" plans that go beyond promoting
openSUSE among the ambassadors. As a program that only starts it needs a
good leader to breed the ideas and sort them out. Usually, you need to
make 100 ideas, choose 3 and do your best implementing them.

* Are you ready to start promoting openSUSE
:-) Yes answer, can be derived from the other answers and a long answer
- i hope to meet other ppl ready to promote openSUSE and other FOSS, to
support each other on our cooperative actions and projects.

* What do you think is the best kept secret of openSUSE?
openSUSE is great quite polished distribution that has its niche on
software market.
In my opinion one of the greatest advantages of openSUSE is that
emerging companies, universities and state organizations can start using
it without risking to spend a lot of money on software/business that
might never pay back. At the same time it's quite easy to get qualified
commercial support when such a need arises. That combination is a great
advantage of openSUSE over commercial software and software that has no
options for commercial support.
When comparing with other commercial products, openSUSE has its
advantages as a FOSS product - product that one can own, modify, create
free documents with (documents that don't make your
friends/mates/co-workers/etc pay money for additional software to open
them - so they can be easily shared).

* Why do you love to do this
When you love something it's because it's in your veins. It's my passion
it's my life style, it's what i do for living, it's what i do when i
want to rest.

* How did you start with with Linux/openSUSE? What is your level of
Basically, i experiment with everything, because i think it's important
for my job to be aware of the software products that shape the IT
market. openSUSE is one of the leaders and it's hard to miss this

* The ambassador program is currently pretty informal and we expect the
* Also, as an ambassador, you're the expert on your country/region, so
.............? Something got missing

Also take a look at Ambassadors page Simka, I believe up there you can
find some answers from questions you had made at Marketing channel

Can you help us to help you to help the openSUSE Ambassadors program in
your area/region?
You probably expect me to say:"Yes", so :"Yes".
Although, i'm not sure it's a yes/no question. Imho, it should be more
like let's do something and see what we can achieve.

just in time, I really enjoyed our chat this morning
:-) same for me

Fell free to came back any time you wish
Is there anything I can help with?

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