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RE: [opensuse-ambassadors] Call to ambassadors from India!

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Subject: [opensuse-ambassadors] Call to ambassadors from India!


So, Are you Ready - ??
Namasté Ravindra.

kaise samachar?

I was born in the Indian Ocean and has some plans to visit this part of the
hemisphere in the forthcoming years.

I had Pondicherry, Madagascar, for starters. I will monitor what you are
attempting to do and see how my contacts can help as well.

I have already started to cruise Europe and discovered that people need
hardware as well. I am in Italy right now and many people that I meet have
no clue of what is openSUSE/Linux/FOSS etc.

Which comforts me of my visit to Spain last year and I saw a person with a
Novell T-Shirt. I said, hurray, one "disciple". I was wrong, the guy was
flattered to be addressed but Novell in Spain is a coffee make :-) I have a
photo of me sitting down on a small wall distressed.

I guess that many of us work for corporates that sort of "throw" old
hardware away. I wonder if we could start a hardware bank to be able to give
hardware with openSUSE preinstalled. You might use some right?

Best wishes

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