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RE: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Strategy Discussion: #1 KDE distribution
We have to ask ourselves here if these "desktop wars" you talk of is
that should keep defining what openSUSE is and how it works now and in the
future, or if this whole discussion is about given direction to openSUSE
thus making it a successful operating system. Now my answer might differ
yours in this, but as far as I understand, people very much agree that the
status quo is not satisfying, and that the root problem is the lack of
and direction in openSUSE.


Besides that, when seeing how much energy is poured into delivering
UIs on the same system, it simply makes me cry. And it makes me wonder how
much longer this is sustainable. It might come as a surprise, but it's
completely braindead to support two (or more) full UI stacks, with
applications, desktop interfaces and all that. It's in my not so humble
opinion one of the major weak points of most Linux-based Operating Systems
out there.

My take is a bit different: it's evolution in progress. We get the best UI
by having multiple (more than 2) UIs competing with each other. Some die
out because they aren't up to the standard of the others. Some get stronger
by "borrowing" good ideas from the others. With a bit of wastefulness
(evolution is very wasteful) we all get a better UI to use, and a constantly
evolving and developing UI.

So I say encourage the competition between KDE & Gnome as we all benefit.


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